🐢What is Laika

Let's get to know us!


Laika is a Blockchain development tool that helps you to build requests to smart contracts without going through the hassle of writing lines of test code.

Laika aims to provide developers with an easy to use contract requests interface, auto-generated code, documentation tools, and enhanced team collaboration tools.

To put it simply, what Laika aims to be for Web3 is what Postman is for Web2.

You can directly interact with the app here! (https://web.getlaika.app/)


Got a few minutes? Check out the video overview:


  • Send requests to interact with your smart contracts on any EVM-based blockchains (including locally hosted chain-forks) and the Terra Blockchain, with support for more chains coming soon!

  • Auto-generate ABIs for smart contracts based on parameters and expected returns.

  • View call responses in raw, formatted, or bytes form.

  • Save a History of Past Requests.

  • Import any contract with auto-generated ABIs using Chain Explorer.

  • Create Collections for easier management of your contracts during development.

  • Define Custom Environment Variables.

  • Take Notes & Use built-in Documentation tools

  • Generate Code for selected function calls to use in your JS or Python program.

  • Build multi-call Requests using Scenarios node-graph tool to help you test a bunch of requests within just a few clicks.

And a lot more! πŸ”₯

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