Sharing Imports

Importing/Exporting Requests within Laika

Your Laika Workspace also let's you easily share Requests by implementing Imports and Exports for Request Collections.

Exporting Requests

To Export Requests from your Collection, simply click on the Menu Button on the name of the Collection in the pane, then select Export.

This will download a json file with all the Requests' data. You can share or save this file; you can Import the collection back later using this file.

Importing Requests

To import a Collection, simply click on the [ Import ] button in the Collections pane.

Clicking on this will open up a Import Modal, on which you can drag and drop the json file or click on the space to manually browse the file location through your device's File Explorer.

Once selected, the file will show up in the modal, after which you can click on the [ Upload ] button to import the Collection into your workspace!

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