Converter is a handy feature that help convert one type of data to another type of data. It’s really handy when working with a lot of smart contract that have different data formats. Laika provides you with built-in Data Converters for your help.

These are the Converters available at the time of writing:

  • Hash Converters

    • keccak256

    • ripemd10

    • sha256

    • sha512

  • Unit Converter (Wei ↔ Gwei ↔ Ether)

  • Number Converter (Decimal ↔ Hexadecimal)

  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Resolver (Address ↔ ENS)

To start using these, go on over to the right side pane of your workspace and click on the ⇄ icon (Double Arrows)

This will open up the Converter menu where you can select the required converter for your application using the Choose Converter drop-down menu.

Just place your inputs in the input field and click on Convert, and Laika will do it for you.

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