Create a New Request

How to create new requests for your contracts in Laika.

Laika is in active development and some of the functionality might be changed and this documentation might not reflect the current version.

However, we'll make sure to update our documentation to reflect the changes (if any) as quickly as possible. In case there is an error or you have some questions you can always communicate with our Support team.

Laika provides multiple ways to create new requests in your workspace. Here we discuss each of these methods one by one.

To begin creating your own requests, go over to the Collections Pane and click on the "New" button.

Upon clicking the button, You'll see the "New Request" modal popup in your workspace. This is where you can choose what kind of Request you want to create.

Method 1 - New Request

The simplest way is to just pick "New Request". This will create a simple blank request from scratch, where you have the option to define the Request Name and Collection Name.

This will create a blank request that is full customizable with Contract Address, Method Name, Parameters, etc. values.

Method 2 - New Collection

You can pick "New Collection" to create a blank collection in case you want to organize your work hierarchy for multiple related Requests.

Please note that this option initializes only a blank empty New Collection folder in your workspace.

Method 3 - Import from Chain Explorer

Next, is "Import from Chain Explorer". This is where you can import smart contracts directly from chain explorer. This is our most popular method of creating Requests. By just inputting the deployed contract address and the correct relevant chain, Laika will auto-import the function call Requests from the Chain Explorer and create a new Collection for them in your workspace.

We have a plan to add more supported chains. Tell us what chain you would like us to add!

Just specify the contract address, Pick the chain of that contract then click the import button!

Method 4 - Presets ABI

The next one is "Presets ABI". You can easily auto-import preset ABIs of several common contracts here, just specify the relevant address and the ABI type and you're good to go!

Method-5 "Upload JSON ABI"

The next one is "Upload JSON ABI" If you have an ABI file on your local machine and just want to quickly glance at it. You can pick this tab. Upload your JSON ABI file, Specify an address then import! A new Collection will be created in your workspace, containing all the Requests according to the uploaded ABI.

Method 6 - Plain Text ABI

The last one is import with the "Plain Text ABI" tab. This is when you want to write a set of Requests by writing an ABI. You can just simply type it out or paste an ABI in the text field, hit import and you're all set! Laika will configure the Requests in the ABI automatically into a new Collection in your workspace.

And these were all the methods to create New Requests! Explore them through the Laika App given below!

If you have an idea maybe more feature requests you can always drop your suggestions on our official channels.

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