Laika Environments

Creating a new Environment and defining a Variable

Click on the [ Environment ] Icon.

Click on [ New ] to create a new Environment space

Name the Environment then add a new variable in that Environment by clicking on the [ + ] button. When naming environment variables. your variables have to satisfy this rules.

  • Start with alphabets (a-z,A-Z) or underscore (_)

  • Consist of alphabets (a-z,A-Z), underscore (_) or Numbers (0-9)

Notes: Two Variables in the same Environment cannot have the same name.

then hit the [ Create ] button.

And that's it!

Using variables from environments

Select the environment that you want to use by selecting the Environment dropdown on the top right of the UI.

Then, pick an environment of your choice.

In the request that you want to use variables from Environment. Put the name of variables in the form of {{ variable_name }}

Tip: The Input form to use environment variables will have a suggestions dropdown so you can easily identify and use them.

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