Quickstart Guide

Getting started
Welcome to Laika Quickstart Guide! This guide serves to give new users a basic introduction to the Laika app.
Many users informally refer to us as the “Postman for Web 3.0” (If that is something you would agree with, leave us comments or share our product with your friends!) For us, that’s truly a compliment, and we like to call ourselves “the Request Builder for Web 3.0”.
At the time of writing, Laika supports any EVM compatible chain. You can use Laika to make a request to smart contracts on any such EVM chain of your lock.
Before we begin, here’s what you’ll need.
  • Web3 Wallet (You can use any Injected wallet of your choice)
  • Some native tokens for passing requests to the blockchain network.
That’s it!
Now, let's head to the Laika App (https://web.getlaika.app)
To start, you will need to connect your wallet to the app by clicking on the red button at the top right.
Once connected, your address will show up!
After you connect the wallet the display will show your connected wallet and your current chain.
In this tutorial, we recommend you pick Ethereum Testnet Kovan.
We provide an example contract on Kovan for testing Laika's functionality quickly
Now look at the left side you’ll see the Workspace pane, this is where you pick the function call you want to request.
The Workspace Pane shows all the functions available in the contract ABI
Let’s pick getCount for example.
Picking the "getCount" function call in the left Workspace pane
Laika will show you the request pane with the request detail. You can send a request by simply clicking on the send button on the top-right.
Laika will send the selected request onto the chain, and trigger a wallet event which you can confirm to pass the transaction (except in the cases of READ requests, of course).
Response received from the function call.
And that is it! We, at Laika Blockchain Lab, are doing our best to make Laika easy to use and boost up your blockchain projects.