Laika Utilities

Helping your dev journey be a little easier!

While using Laika you might notice there a bunch of icons on the right side of your workspace. This pane houses our Utilities.

It's where we provide a lot of helpers functions that help you develop smart contracts easier.

Let's explore them one by one!

  1. Notes

Need to take short notes as memory joggers or perhaps some informal documentation for yourself? This is where you could take a note for your Requests

Refer toCreate a Note for more information.

2. Code Snippet

Your Laika workspace also has a nifty little generator where you can get a simple code generated from your requests. You can just copy this to your desired code editor and get it running right away in your projects!

3. Converter

This is where we keep several converters that you can use. This can be really helpful when you want to convert datatypes when you are making Requests and developing on Smart Contracts.

These are the Converters available at the time of writing:

  • Hash Converter

  • Unit Converter

  • Number Converter

  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Resolver/Converter

You can always feedback to us on what more Utilities you want us to add!

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